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Dream home upgrade live session

Dream home: Your guide to upgrades and renovations!

Time for an upgrade? Whether you need a bigger space for a growing family, are craving a modern home, or just need a change, being...

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2024 Adelaide Property Market Update

Adelaide Property Market Updates – 2024

Tune in to our Adelaide Property Market Update and read through as Managing Directors Marissa Schulze from Rise High, and Lachlan Turner from Turner Real...

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Getting ahead financially with Josh Finckler and Marissa Schulze

6 Tips to get ahead financially as a young adult!

If you want to improve your finances in 2024, you've come to the right place! Here are 6 tips that will help you get ahead...

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What is a Conveyancer? What do Conveyancers do? - Karrina Merritt from Merritt Conveyancing and Marissa Schulze

Understanding the role of a Conveyancer

Dive deep into the Conveyancing process and unlock the secret to seamless property transactions. Understand legal requirements, and discover why having a conveyancer is vital...

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Adelaide Property Market Update Oct 2023

Adelaide Property Market Update 2023

Tune in to our Adelaide Property Market Update and read through as Managing Directors Marissa Schulze from Rise High, and Lachlan Turner from Turner Real...

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House price negotiation facebook live

House price negotiation tips for buyers

Are you looking to buy a new house? Gather our best insights and tips to confidently negotiate with real estate agents. Master the art of...

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Mortgage Brokers Tarkin Brown and Priya Ravi talking about the team you need to buy a new house

Buying a house – The 7 professionals on your A-team!

Unsure who should have your back when looking to buy your new house? We've got you covered! Stay tuned as the Rise High team demystifies...

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Mortgage Brokers talking about the First Home guarantee scheme

The First Home Guarantee Scheme (2023)

Feeling stumped about the government schemes to help first-home buyers? You are not alone, and we are here to assist! Find out more about the...

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Escape the Mortgage Prison with James Schulze and Faraz Taji

Escape the Mortgage Prison

Are you locked in by your existing lender and unable to refinance your home loan? There could be hope as lenders have recently announced avenues...

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Improve your credit score with credit reporting

Improve your credit score!

Having a look at your credit report to understand what lenders are seeing when they evaluate your application, will help you understand what you can...

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"Is your fixed rate ending soon? These are our expert tips!" video screenshot

Home Loan’s Fixed Rate Ending

After multiple consecutive interest rate rises, it is quite likely that new rates on offer will dramatically increase your monthly repayments. If the fixed-term interest...

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Let's Talk about the Mortgage Prison video screenshot

Mortgage Prison: What it is and how to avoid it!

As interest rates continue to rise thousands of Australians are finding themselves in a scary reality: they are in danger of being locked in by...

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how to refinance your home loan facebook live screenshot

How to refinance your home loan

Whether you found an attractive interest rate or are looking to get a better suited loan to your needs and goals, refinancing can be a...

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Loan Cashback Offers

If you are in the market for a home loan or looking to refinance, you might have heard about lender cashback offers. Join us in...

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Interest rate rise – Should you be fixing your loan?

Recent interest rate rise predictions by one economist and have been picked up by the media this week causing a bit of worry for many...

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